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About Iter Digital

Iter Digital was created with the mission to bring the benefits of digital technology to companies driving improvement through Lean and more specifically Lean Production Systems.

We have spent years helping clients like you to maximise value and eliminate waste through Daily Management, 5S, Structured Problem solving etc. keenly aware that these tools don’t directly add value.

We’ve all become adept at using Excel, Access, and more recently Power BI to minimise this waste, but this still left major gaps and data being passed from one User/Team/Department to another who often re-key it into another tool for presentation or submission. The result is wasted time, multiple versions of the truth and no easy way to drill down into the sources of data/issues to understand an issue/answer a question!

To overcome this we looked at what clients like to use, are familiar with, and have existing access to that could be used to as a foundation for development. This led us towards Microsoft 365, and Power Platform that includes Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate.

Following 6 months of development we were ready to pilot our Daily Management Application and via our consultancy partner identified a Tier 1 automotive supplier willing to pilot on the basis of lessons learned, have continued to develop our applications and have deployed them to further sites and organisations.

Our vision for the future is to maintain our focus on Lean and Lean Production Systems, further develop the capabilities of our existing tools to meet additional customer needs, eliminate more waste, and focus on how we can add value to clients.


Meet The Experts

The Iter Digital Team are a perfect blend of Operational Excellence and Lean Practitioners, Application Development and IT Programme Management resources so we are ideally placed to digitally enable your Lean Tools and Lean Production Systems.

Andy MacCaig

Andy’s broad experience of Operations and Supply Chain management combined with deep IT knowledge enable him to architect, design and deploy end user focused, digitised solutions to improve operational performance, efficient and visibility.

Colin Prout

Colin focuses on the transformation and optimisation of manufacturing and supply chain operations, with a particular emphasis on LEAN. Colin has extensive experience in Agile Software Development and Programme Managing complex IT-based Business Transformations.

Tim Richardson

Tim has extensive experience and detailed knowledge of lean production systems and wider supply chain strategy and uses it to deliver sustainable competitive advantage from all aspects of our clients’ supply chain operations.

Graham Barfoot

Graham is Iter Digital’s Delivery Lead. He has over 20 years’ experience in software delivery, customer onboarding and success and has worked with multiple FTSE 500 companies implementing Lean processes. He has a wife and daughter and enjoys playing music (badly).

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