Lean Production System

Our Lean Production Systems reflect our experience of supporting major global clients in their development and delivery of theirs. Let us help you too.


Daily Visual Management

Daily Management is a continuous process that sits at the core of any Lean Production System. It measures your performance against defined KPIs and targets, identifies issues and focuses activity to address them within agreed timescales. If the expected results are not being achieved in the time required, you can escalate issues within the organisation or allocate them to specific groups to resolve using a Structured Problem Solving approach.

Stand-Up meetings are an integral part of the process, traditionally meetings were face-to-face but can now be driven and attended remotely. Meetings have an agreed schedule that can be hourly, by shift, by day or any other interval. Rapidly changing processes require shorter interval control than processes with greater predictability.

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Structured Problem Solving

Use Structured Problem Solving to fix issues because for example they are considered complex, they keep coming back, they require a team approach etc. We currently support 4C with A3 and 8D in the pipeline.

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Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work is a highly effective means of starting and sustaining a Lean transformation. Define activities that are critical to your business performance, how often they need to be completed, who needs to do them and schedule them.

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Operational Review

Our Operational Review application extends the power of Daily Management to Ops Directors by reporting on all aspects of operational performance. Periodic review meetings can be scheduled and actions tracked increasing clarity, improving effectiveness and saving time.

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Lean Assessment

As you strive to be Lean, you must track and measure improvement. This is “easy” in the case of KPIs such as OEE or £ Scrap, but less so when trying to measure how well your Lean tools are being applied.  Our Lean Assessment tools standardise, simplify and report on your assessment performance.

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