Daily Visual Management

Daily Management is a continuous process that sits at the core of any Lean Production System. It measures your performance against defined KPIs and targets, identifies issues and focuses activity to address them within agreed timescales.


Our Daily Visual Management Dashboards are fully configurable to reflect your KPI Structure and are linked between Tiers to ensure Cells feed upward into Teams, Teams into Departments and Departments into Plants or sites and beyond.

“Hero Metrics” ensure Priority Targets are understood whilst colour coding, trend indicators and filtering bring focus onto metrics that are above target and getting worse, or below target so you spend limited Stand-Up time on out-of-control items.

Our dashboards are built using Microsoft Power BI and typically accessed via Microsoft Teams so can be accessed on and off-site.

Data Collection

Metric and KPI owners input data via Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone applications and Meeting, Site, Department and Team/Role allocation present only data relevant to specific meetings for update. System data can also be imported and in all cases data is entered once yet reused many times.

Accountability Board

Our Accountability Boards Initially look familiar however digital enablement takes accountability to new level. Tasks can be added directly onto a board, or created for in meeting review within Structured Problem Solving and Leader Standard Work applications.

Actions can be updated for review within meetings where tickets they can be rescheduled, reallocated or escalated to higher Tiers. All changes are tracked and tickets cannot be closed outside of meetings to ensure consent for closure.

Performance Management

Is a unique feature of the Iter Digital Production System. It aggregates the activity of each Accountability Board and Metrics Board to provide high quality management information that allows the overall adherence and performance of the daily management and accountability processes to be tracked and analysed as a mechanism for management oversight and CI.


We have a proven Blueprint process that simplifies implementation and ensures your metrics and KPIs are aligned for consolidation. You can find further information here.

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By improved data collection and reporting, increased visibility and prioritisation of issues, and collaborative working.


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