Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work is a highly effective means of starting and sustaining a Lean transformation.

It is critical to the success of your LEAN implementation because the most effective way of changing the behaviour of your organisation is by changing the behaviour of its leaders.

Our Leader Standard Work Application addresses the definition of work to be done by listing Critical Activities including:

  • What is to be done?
  • Where is it required?
  • When and how often?
  • Who is to complete the task?
  • Task details.

The Benefits of Using Our Leader Standard Work Application

Easily create and maintain Leader Standard Work Task Schedules for your leaders and monitor their completion and issue management with them.


Rapid Standard Work Development

Rapidly build Leader Standard Work Task Schedules from lists of Standard Tasks or by creating unique tasks for the role or work area, Task can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly etc. and between specified periods.


My Tasks Management

Easily create your tasks within specified periodsĀ from the My Task Schedule view and they appear within our My Tasks view and within Microsoft To Do for simple tracking and completion.


Integrated Issue Escalation and Management

If you identify an issue that needs addressing whilst completing standard work you can create an Accountability Ticket for a specific board or raise a 4C Problem Solving Concern directly from the Standard Work Task Details view.

Lean Production System

Improving operational knowledge, behaviours, and outcomes

By improved data collection and reporting, increased visibility and prioritisation of issues, and collaborative working.


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