Lean Assessment

Lean Assessment and the analysis of scores within tiered work areas is time-consuming and often lacks standardisation within and across sites and you can overcome these issues with our Lean Assessment application.


Benefits of Using Our Lean Assessment Application

Using our application you can:

  • Create and maintain structured assessments for use across your organisation.
  • Allocate them to assessors and schedule when they should take place.
  • Complete assessments referencing local standards which can be uploaded and add photos as required.
  • Automatically consolidate assessment scores by cell, team, area, plant etc. and view and understand historic performance.



Assessment Administration and Management

Easily create new assessments, manage existing and make them available throughout your organisation. Develop best practice and follow it!


Assessment Scheduling and Completion

Assessments can be scheduled for any area or LEAN process and assessors allocated after which they are visible within the Assessors My Assessments view. Scheduling can be driven via Leader Standard Work tasks.


Assessment Performance

Assessment Scores are immediately available for performance review and feedback via our Assessment Power BI dashboard that can show current and historic performance by Cell, Team etc. at the click of a few buttons.

Lean Production System

Improving operational knowledge, behaviours, and outcomes

By improved data collection and reporting, increased visibility and prioritisation of issues, and collaborative working.


Daily Visual Management

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Structured Problem Solving

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Leader Standard Work

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Operational Review

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