Structured Problem Solving

Our simple Structured Problem Solving tool is configurable for the widely used 3C or 4C (Concern, Cause, Countermeasure, Confirm) process to help you rapidly and effectively address “Concerns” and monitor your team’s problem-solving performance.


Benefits of using our Structured Problem Solving tool

Flow from its integration with other modules within our Digital Lean Production System and its ability to track and report Problem Solving Performance.


Concern Capture

“Concerns” can be created:

  • From Accountability cards within Daily Management Meetings
  • Via our Leader Standard Work tool when completing scheduled activities
  • Directly from within the Structured Problem Solving tool

Concern and Action Ownership and Completion

Your teams have full visibility of ‘concerns’ they own and actions they have across all investigations.  They also manage the end to end problem solving process within the tool, attaching all documentation, data and photos to the investigation for shared use.


Problem Solving Performance Management

You gain clear insight via filters and views of you and the team’s problem solving performance including:

  • Number of Investigations by Teams or Departments
  • Number of Investigations at each Stage etc.
Lean Production System

Improving operational knowledge, behaviours, and outcomes

By improved data collection and reporting, increased visibility and prioritisation of issues, and collaborative working.


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